RideSmart Texas Track Day Motorcycle School

RideSmart Corner Worker Program

Thank you for your interest in corner working at a RideSmart track day event! The role of a Corner Worker is a very important one, as they are the eyes and ears of the track, and work together along with the Track Marshal to keep the riders as safe as possible, and keep the event running smoothly throughout the day.

One of the benefits of riding with RideSmart is the Corner Worker program offered by the School. It allows a person to work as a Corner Official, in exchange for a full track day credit to be used at a future regular RideSmart event at MSRC or MSRH(not to include special events such as G2MP, COTA, or any out of state event).

Please note that after you have successfully completed your corner working day, you will receive a code that you may use towards a trackday at MSRC or MSRH. The code is in your name, though you may give, sell, or trade it as you like. You do not need to notify us. You will receive the code mid-week following the event. As such, you cannot work one day and ride the other day of a two-day event using the code for working (you won't have it yet). You'll need to sign up prior to the event using normal sign-up methods.

    Applicants Must:
  • Be able to work a full day (partial-day requests will not be considered)
  • Have ridden a minimum of TWO (2) track days, or have previous track-side corner working experience (video/gate work not included) prior to being placed on a roster
  • Have general knowledge of common terms used while corner working, including impact zone, race line, power wheelie, inside pass, low side, high side, and be able to identify these things in your area
  • Corner Workers must be 16 years old or older, unless otherwise approved by RideSmart

How to Earn Credit for Track Time

Anyone interested in this corner work program should submit an application online:

Click here for Corner Working Application

How to Redeem Credit for Track Time

CW Credits may be redeemed Online Only, on RideSmart web site.

All CW credit holders can redeem their credit for any regular RideSmart event, and for any of the rider levels:

  • Log in using your account ID and password
  • Choose the date/level of the event (MSRC or MSRH only) you wish to attend, along with any options you would like
  • Fill out the full name of the rider (yourself in most cases, unless you are giving this credit to another person)
  • After reading the Agreement, click on the Agree button (to attend any track event, you must agree to this agreement)
  • Click on the Continue button to proceed to checkout stage of ordering
  • In the Promotional Code space, paste in the CW credit code, which was emailed to you within 5 days after completion of the event
  • Click on the Validate button to allow the code to deduct the price of the event from the total (only the track day price will be deducted - extra options still must be paid)
  • Continue with the checkout until the end of the checkout process, which may include credit card payment for any added options on top of the track day itself. Don't stop after validation, you're not signed up yet!
  • After completion of the checkout process, you can verify your order from your RideSmart account, by clicking on the My Orders or My Invoices link at the top of the page. You should also receive an email confirmation.

Upon completion of check out, your name is automatically placed on the rider roster for the requested level. At this time you should follow all other procedures as any other rider does, during the course of track day preparation.

NOTE: Due to rider roster limits and because of great interest in attending track days with RideSmart, we cannot guarantee anyone a spot unless they have successfully registered online, and received an email confirmation for such order

The Advanced Riding Course (ARC) and CMRA Licensing is an option within the ADVANCED group, and carries an additional charge. That charge must be covered by the rider.

Credit Redemption Validity Dates

Your track credit expires the end of the following season after issue date.

Cancellation Using Credit

Similar to our normal cancellation policy, if you used a Corner Working Credit to sign-up, prior to 10 days before the event we will cancel your registration and re-activate the code you used. Closer than 10 days, you are responsible for the event. Email us if you need to cancel and be sure to specify you used a CW code.