RideSmart Texas Track Day Motorcycle School

Ride Smart 101

Do you ride a motorcycle? Then it's time you attended one of our events! RideSmart is now offering a free class, RideSmart 101, for all of those out there interested in on track instruction but have never attending a class. This course will introduce you to everything there is to know about our events. From gear and bikes to camping out at the track. Sign up now!

Ride Smart 101 is offered at select events only. Check each dates venue for the 101 offering.

What Is Covered

  • Track Information
  • Bike and Gear Requirements
  • Suspension Overview (Trackside Provider)
  • Tire Overview (Trackside Provider)
  • Tech Inspections
  • Classroom Observation
  • Track Control
  • Work To Ride
  • Parade Lap (select venues)