RideSmart Texas Track Day Motorcycle School

Crash definition: ANY event which leads to the handle bar touching the ground (on track, or off track).

The Rule: If your handlebars touch the ground you are done for the day. First lap, first session, it does not matter. If you come in on your own or on the truck we need to fill out an incident report for our insurance carrier. We will ask you specifics regarding the crash and review video if necessary. Under extenuating circumstances RideSmart may make the decision to allow the rider to continue as long as the rider and bike are OK. RideSmart must re-tech a crashed bike prior to its return to the racetrack. If you re-enter the track without re-teching your bike, you will be asked to load up your equipment and leave the facility. This is for the safety of everyone.

All riders who have a crash must be evaluated by the on-site paramedic staff. If they determine you should not proceed with the day, their decision is final. If the paramedic staff determines you may physically return to riding, RideSmart STILL must approve your return to riding based on criteria which includes the manner of your crash, as well as the condition of your gear. This decision is made on a case-by-case basis. There is no appeal to this policy. Any rider that is not transported off site will need to check in with the RideSmart personal to discuss the crash details and fill out the Incident Report for our Insurance carrier. (this is at the tech location).

We will retrieve your bike from the track when convenient. You may be required to remain at a corner working station for the entire session or until we can send the crash truck out. There is no charge to retrieve a bike that is broken due to crashing or a mechanical failure. However, there is a $50 charge to retrieve your bike from the track if due to running out of gas.

IMPORTANT: If you run into the back of a another rider, cause another rider to crash due to any rule violation, or violate multiple rules in one instance, you will be banned from all RideSmart events for one (1) year. If you have been previously banned, a second or subsequent ban will result in a permanent ban.

GENERAL PASSING RULES: For Novice, Intermediate, and Experienced, your instructor will go over passing rules in your first session. Generally, passing is allowed in designated straights only in the first few sessions. For all levels, (including Advanced), you must be a minimum of 6 feet from the rider you are passing. Note that passing rules may be expanded, restricted, or modified as needed at the event due to specific track conditions.