RideSmart Texas Track Day Motorcycle School

Rider Cancellations and Refund - Events, Garages, Canopies, Rentals, CMRA Classes, Personal Instruction

Credits/refunds cannot be given after the event takes place.

Refunds are refunded back onto your credit card. Original payment must have been within 120 days prior for a refund. If original payment was made greater than 120 days prior, an account credit will be issued.

You may request a refund for any event and any associated purchases 30 days or more before the event minus a $5 processing fee. Request for refund must be submitted via email to contactus@ridesmart.info. Details of transaction (Event Location and date, Payer Name) must be provided in the email. Refunds will be issued directly to credit card source which was used to register for the event (or you may request a credit to your RideSmart account for use at a later trackday). Please note that the original charge must have been made within 120 days prior to the date of cancelation. Credit card charges greater than 120 days cannot be refunded and will be credited to you as an account credits to your RideSmart account for future use.

Once the event is less than 30 days away but greater than 15, the event and associated purchases can only be refunded through an account credit (see below).

Account Credits

If you are unable to attend an event you have already registered for you may request an account credit for the event and/or any associated purchases (only if the event is greater than 15 days away from the date of request) that may be used at a future event (minus a $5 processing fee). You will need to contact contactus@ridesmart.info to make arrangements. Details of transaction (Event Location and date, Payer Name) must be provided in the email. A confirmation email will be sent to you.

You must request account credits no less than 15 days before the event. Once events are closer than 15 days no account credits will be given. We can (if we are sold out), at your request, place your spots back online and make them available once the event sells out. If someone purchases the spots, we will credit your RS account. Contact us via email at contactus@ridesmart.info to cancel and sell your spots. Please note that until your spots are sold, you are still responsible. If they do not sell, no refunds or credits will be given. If desired you may give away your spot or sell it directly to another rider. Please refer to the Give/Sell/Transfer section below.

Account credits may only be used for RideSmart events and merchandise and are not payable in cash.

Account credits expire 365 days after initial date of issuance.


You may give, sell, or transfer a track day to another person of the same skill group at any time. RideSmart must be notified of the transfer via email from the original purchaser prior to the event, include the event, group, name of the rider you are transferring to, and their email address. You may also request via email that a portion of or all account credits on your account be transferred to another person (include their name and email). You may give or sell Corner Working credits or other coded credits to any person, we do not need to be notified. If you are purchasing a code from soneone, feel free to email us to verify validity.

Half Now, Half Later Payments

Half now partial payments for an event may be canceled and refunded as per the above.

Generally, we'll send you an invoice about a month before the event and it will be due no earlier than 10 days after you receive it. You can then make payment on it any time by logging into your RideSmart account and selecting "Pay Now" when you view the invoice. Payments must be made by 15 days prior to the event or your initial payment may be forfeited. WE WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY CHARGE YOUR CARD, YOU MUST LOGIN TO YOUR ACCOUNT AND MAKE PAYMENT ONCE YOU RECEIVE AN INVOICE. If you wish to make payment early, please email us and we'll create an early invoice.

Minimum Required Sign-Ups

We reserve the right to cancel and refund any event if a minimum number of sign-ups has not been met. In this event, we will notify all participants and we will credit or refund you.

Email Address

Please email ALL requests to refunds, account credits, tranfer issues, and cancelations to contactus@ridesmart.info. Emailing to any other address may delay processing.