RideSmart Texas Track Day Motorcycle School

Intermediate Group (formerly our Level 2B)

Must have successfully completed the Novice Group with us or with another recognized motorcycle school or trackday provider (you may be asked to provide verification). Students will go through a series of advanced modules that will further enhance the skills they have developed from the Novice level.

Students will learn advanced body positioning and vision, line management and cornering, and advanced braking and throttle control.

These modules tend to vary widely from rider to rider as they get more technical.

Students generally progress through our Intermediate Group in 4 to 6 event dates.

If you have ridden with other trackday providers and generally sign up for Intermediate or Advanced, we want you to sign up for the same level. You will be asked to provide verification that the level you are signing for is appropriate.

The seat time required in Novice compared to Intermediate can vary greatly from rider to rider. There is no set number of Novice days you must complete to ride in Intermediate, though rarely will one Novice date be sufficient. Ask your Novice instructor to evaluate you for recommendations on moving to Intermediate. You must have the recommendation/promotion of an instructor in order to move to Intermediate and obtain a promotion code (if you are an intermediate rider with another track day organization, that will generally suffice. List the organization in the box that asks who promoted you when registering. You may be asked for verification).

    You MUST:
  • Maintain an adequate pace
  • Understand body position.
  • Be very comfortable riding at high speeds.
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the line-building technique and maintain correct, predictable lines.
  • Adhere to all rules pertinent to the group.
  • Make good on-track decisions.
  • Be evaluated by an instructor and have their recommendation and be given a promotion code.

We have classroom sessions for the intermediate group as well. These classroom sessions are to ensure the safety of all riders, and to improve the riding skills of all riders.

Instructors are on track all day long. Use them to answer questions, show you lines, critique riding styles and techniques, etc. If permitted, passing in this group is limited to the straights only. NOTE: All passing rules are subject to change at anytime during any event. The instructors will advise of the passing rules during the classroom sessions.

It is recommended that riders in this group wear a back protector.

RideSmart reserves the right to combine Intermediate and Experienced if a minimum number of registrations for the groups are not met.