RideSmart Texas Track Day Motorcycle School

RideSmart Personalized Instruction

Be a better rider...faster!

RideSmart offers personalized instruction at all events. The Private Instruction Program is designed to accelerate learning and focus on your individual development, minimizing the number of track days between Novice and Advanced.

Core goals of the Private Instruction Program:

- Provide maximum attention and coaching for your track day experience

- Deliver the most direct and effective path to confident, consistent, fast and safe track riding

- Personal, individualized training tailored specifically to each student, focused on your individual needs and goals

- Minimize learning mistakes and the development of bad habits

- Help new riders with the desire to get to a higher level and/or race develop those skills

The Personalized Instruction Program utilizes curriculum from our Novice, Intermediate, Experienced, and Advanced programs (appropriate for your experience level), supplemented with additional on- and off-track drills and exercises and video review. Personalized Instruction days include body position, line, corner speed, braking, passing, bike control and many other techniques based on student needs.

Your day in the Personalized Instruction Program will typically be with an instructor dedicated to you. In addition to your instructor being with you on-track and working with you each session, you'll also get video critique and participate in off-track drills (pending event venue space availability) to help your on-track performance. Individual discussion and other instruction is also included and required.

Cost for the Personalized Instruction Program is $300 for Novice and Intermediate and $400 for Experienced and Advanced students in addition to the normal track day fee and is for one student.