RideSmart Texas Track Day Motorcycle School

Selling Out/Stand-By List Information

Waiting List

RideSmart realizes that trackdays are very popular and sometimes sell out before everyone is able to secure a spot.

If the event shows Sold Out, it is full. We don't squeeze people in or go over the cap, please don't ask. In the event of a cancellation or a non-payment issue, we will place the spot(s) back into the registration database and the event will again show available. You should check back to this website frequently if you are hoping to secure a spot. We do not reserve or hold spots any longer. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list, we will email you if a spot becomes available, it is up to you to register for the spot. For Waiting List registration, click here. Please note that we cease notifications on Friday before the event starts and do not accept any further wait list registrations.

Please, do not sign up for a different level in the hopes that you can be moved. If you do not have the skill set required and/or have not been promoted by an instructor and there is no room in the appropriate class below you, you will lose your registration fee. We do verify levels and promotions.

If you sign up for a lower level, such as Experienced when you want Advanced, we can move you only if a spot becomes available. If a spot becomes available, email us asking to switch at that time. We no longer can maintain a list of those wanting to switch.

If you arrive at an event and it is full, you can be placed on a "Stand-By" list (you must be at the event). Mid-morning, we will fill any no-show spots with those on the stand-by list. We cannot guarantee that by being on the stand-by list you will be able to secure a spot. If you are registered and do not arrive or contact us by mid-morning and your spot is given to someone on the stand-by list, you must request an account credit but your spot will have been lost unless there is another open spot available.