RideSmart Texas Track Day Motorcycle School

BE AWARE!!!! All RideSmart events have a "rain-or-shine policy".

We don't cancel for low probability forecast rain or storms. Often, the storms miss the track! In the event of thunderstorms, we pause the event until lightning passes. In the event of very high probability of extended thunderstorms or severe weather, we'll consult with the track and determine a course of action.

In the event that the track facility cancels our event due to extreme weather conditions (flooding, ice, snow, extreme cold, very high probability of extended thunderstorms, etc.) or other critical conditions, we will designate a specific event as a make-up event. This date will be the sole remedy and no refunds/credits for future events will be issued by RideSmart.

We will, however, be happy to make your spot available if you can't attend the make-up event. Once sold, we'll credit your account. Be aware that if your spot does not sell, you are still responsible and no credit will be given.