RideSmart Texas Track Day Motorcycle School

Motorcycle Preparation

ALL MOTORCYCLES MUST PASS TECHNICAL INSPECTION PRIOR TO ADMITTANCE TO THE TRACK. The items listed below will be checked at the track by our inspectors. If any of these items are found unsatisfactory and can’t be rectified, you will be disqualified from participating for the day. We take this very seriously because it affects everyone’s safety. Basically, we are looking for a bike that is clean and in close-to-perfect working order. All video setups must also be teched. Note: If you crash and are permitted to continue, you will have to go through tech again. Any control rider can re-tech you at any time. We recommend all riders prepare their bike to Advanced group requirements, if possible.

  • Clean and secure, with no loose parts, bolts, or fasteners
  • No pointed stud type fasteners anywhere on the vehicle
  • Fairing and windshield solidly secured, if applicable
  • Tank secure, no leaks
  • Seat secure
  • Fender secure (not required)
  • All lights and reflectors removed or taped over with masking, electrical, or plastic-type tape or covers.
  • Mirrors removed, folded or taped.
  • Belly pans secure (not required, but strongly recommended)
  • Oil drain plug (Advanced & Experienced safety wired, Novice & Intermediate strongly recommended)
  • Oil fill plug (Advanced & Experienced safety wired, Novice & Intermediate strongly recommended)
  • Oil filter (Advanced & Experienced safety wired, Novice & Intermediate strongly recommended)
  • Oil leaks
  • Fuel leaks
  • Coolant hoses and connections checked for leaks
  • Brake pad wear
  • Reservoirs (front and rear) must be present.
  • Fluid condition and level (if over one year old, replace it)
  • Calipers mounting bolts
  • Lever feel (should not be allowed to contact handlebar when squeezed hard)
  • Brake hoses (condition and routing, no binding or interference allowed)
  • No knife shaped brake or clutch lever allowed.
Chassis & Suspension
  • Steering stem and bearing play
  • Exhaust (all bikes must have mufflers in working order)
  • Foot pegs
  • Shift linkage
  • Rear brake linkage
  • All levers (front brake, clutch) must have ball on end
  • Throttle smooth and auto returns
  • Handlebars
  • Front fork seal leaks
  • Fork alignment
  • Wheel bearings
  • Wheel axle bolts and pinch bolts
  • Rear shock seal leaks
  • Tire condition (1/2 tread in center).
  • Chain and sprocket condition, alignment, and tightness
  • Swingarm pivot bolts
  • Side stand and/or center stand allowed. Center stand not recommended in levels above Novice.
These tech inspection items need to be taken care of BEFORE you get to the track. It will save you a great deal of frustration and ensure a day of fun riding instead of a day of turning wrenches. Any questions about tech inspection can be directed to ContactUs@RideSmart.info . There will be NO refunds or credits issued for a bike that fails tech.

1. Discolored tires due to excessive wear will be disallowed. Our on-site tire service will have a selection of tires to provide riders an opportunity to pass technical inspection (fees for products/services apply).
2. Entire surface of headlight lens, indicator lenses and reflective surface must be covered.
3. Brake lighting can be disabled by removing fuses, or other methods to prevent activation of the light.
4. Experienced and Advanced Tip: To Safety Wire a spin on oil filter, put a large hose clamp around the filter once installed. Run the safety wire through the clamp screw and secure to the bike. Google Safety Wire Motorcycle Oil Filter for more information.