RideSmart Texas Track Day Motorcycle School

From time to time we offer special promotions. Below are a list of promotions that we are currently offering. Click on each promotion for more details.

CMRA Racer Information

This year, instead of offering a CMRA discount at our events, we are providing incentives for podium finishers at the request of CMRA.

OVERALL CMRA Racer's Award

CMRA Racer's Award Tally Sheet: Click here

As an ongoing effort to provide the best moto racing/track experience for our riders of Texas and surrounding areas, RideSmart & South Central Race Center have joined forces to announce that we are contributing to a year-end cash purse specifically for CMRA Racers.

The RideSmart/South Central Race Center CMRA Overall Racers Award

This cash prize is meant for all riders, Expert or Novice, a chance to win a significant amount of cash to spend as they please. Use it to help fund your MotoAmerica career, invest in next season’s race bike, or just want to pocket the cash! Every CMRA racer can qualify.

1st Place - 50% of total purse 2nd Place - 30% of total purse 3rd Place - 20% of total purse

How do I win?

Winners will be determined by the total number of points accumulated throughout the race season.

1 - 10pts per Sprint Race entry (rounds 1 - 5)

2 - 30pts per Sprint Race entry (rounds 6 - 8)

3 - 50pts per Endurance Race (pts are divided evenly per teammate, rounds 1 - 5)

4 - 80pts per Endurance Race (pts are divided evenly per teammate, rounds 6 - 8)

5 - 25pts per Pirelli tire (paid) with SCRC either at a race weekend or RS event

6 - 50pts per RideSmart event day

*BONUS - if you bring a friend that has never attended a RS event, we'll credit you another 50pts

Example of points calculation:

CMRA Racer attends a RS event Saturday AND Sunday (100pts)

CMRA Racer buys a SET of tires either at a race weekend or at RS event (50pts)

CMRA Racer enters 4 sprints on a CMRA weekend (40pts if rounds 1-5, 120pts if rounds 6-8)

CMRA Racer is on a team of 4 Endurance and enters Saturday's race (12.5pts if rounds 1-5, 20pts if rounds 6-8)

This CMRA Racer has accumulated 202.5pts (290pts if rounds 6-8) so far!

How is the purse accumulated?

For every racer that participates in a RideSmart Event, RideSmart/SCRC will donate $20 to the cash purse (CMRA Racer needs to have an active license). This begins with the first event of the 2024 season, Feb 17/18 at MSRH. Purse will start at $2000.

Example of purse accumulation:

If 10 active CMRA Racers attend a RS single day event on Saturday and 10 attend Sunday (same or different riders), 20 x $20 = $400 collected for the purse. This will be calculated at every RS event day up to the CMRA season finale.

Example of overall cash purse outcome:

If on average 10 CMRA Racers show up to each RS Event Day (there will be 26 RS days), the Total Purse is $5,200.00!

Based on this example:

1st Place $2,600

2nd Place $1,560

3rd Place $1,040

Winners will be verified and announced at the CMRA season finale.


1 - email us at contactus@ridesmart.info that you'd like your name entered for the cash purse calculation and also download the Points Submission form (to help you keep up with your points).

2 - List RideSmart and SCRC as a sponsor on all race entry forms

3 - Have a RideSmart and SCRC decal on your bike, helmet, or suit

4 - A mention of RideSmart and SCRC if you podium

5 - Attend at least 1 RS event day throughout the season. Support the organizations that support the CMRA!

CMRA Racer's Award Tally Sheet: Click here

Double Day Discounts!

If you are signing up for both Saturday and Sunday at select events, we are offering a "Double-Day" Discount of $25 also. Simply enter the appropriate event code from the list below (copy and paste, make sure you don't get any spaces!) when you check out. If both a Saturday and Sunday event have been added, you'll get the discount! (May not be used in conjunction with any other discount codes such as first-timer discounts, gift certificates, CMRA discounts, forum/group discounts, military discounts, or any other discount offered. Not applicable to all events, only those listed below. Discount applies to your second day, first day is considered normal price. If you cancel either day, refund/credit is the discounted amount (minus service fees). YOU MUST PURCHASE BOTH DAYS ON THE SAME TRANSACTION).


24.DD.MSRH.02.2024 - Code for Motor Speedway Resort (MSRH) February 2024

24.DD.MSRH.04.2024 - Code for Motor Speedway Resort (MSRH) April 2024

24.DD.G2MP.05.2024 - Code for G2 Motorsport Park (G2MP) May 2024

24.DD.HMRC.05.2024 - Code for Hallett Motor Racing Circuit (HMRC) May 2024

24.DD.MSRH.06.2024 - Code for Motor Speedway Resort (MSRH) June 2024

24.DD.MSRC.06.2024 - Code for Motor Sport Ranch at Cresson (MSRC) June 2024

24.DD.HMRC.08.2024 - Code for Hallett Motor Racing Circuit (HMRC) August 2024

24.DD.ECR.08.2024 - Code for Eagles Canyon Raceway (ECR) August 2024

24.DD.G2MP.10.2024 - Code for G2 Motorsport Park (G2MP) October 2024

24.DD.MSRH.10.2024 - Code for Motor Speedway Resort (MSRH) October 2024

(The most common error we see when people say the code doesn't work is accidentally getting a space at the end).

$50 Off for First Time to the Track!

We have a limited number of $50 off coupons that we are making available to new, first time to the track (never been on a track ANYWHERE with ANY provider) customers in Novice on a first-come, first-served basis. You must be a new customer for the code to work - if you have signed up with us for anything prior, including RideSmart 101, the code may not work (email us at contactus@ridesmart.info and we can make it work). There's a limited number of uses, so if the code doesn't work or there isn't one listed for an event, it's all used up!

If you also need leathers and boots, click the "First-Timer Only" box for either leathers, boots, or both. We'll supply them for you free of charge for your first day. Once you've ridden with us once, you'll have the pay for the rentals (on a two-day event, only the first day includes the free leathers/boots). Copy the code below and then click the corresponding event at the top of this page (make sure you don't add any spaces to the code). Use the "Order Now" button next to "Novice" or "Novice (First Timer)". Add any extras (remember, if you want leathers and boots, click the "First-Timer Only" box for Boots, Leathers, or both - they're free for a first timer rider with us - notice the price is $0!) Enter your name, then read the agreement and click "I Agree". Paste the code in the Promotional Code box and click Validate! You just saved $50! (Be sure to continue with the checkout procedure).

IMPORTANT: This discount is for Novice, First-Timers only. You can only use it once - if you sign up yourself and another person, it will only work for one of you. First-Timer code and discount only applies to Novice and only for your first event. If you have track experience and want to sign up for Intermediate, the code won't work - it is for first-timers only in Novice. On a multi-day (weekend) event, it applies to one day only. Discount cannot be applied retroactively. Does not apply to COTA or special events. Multiple uses by one person either through multiple account registrations or second usages on an account is prohibited and you may be banned from riding with us for up to 2 years. Discount is designed for first-timers to the track and works for Novice only. Limited offer, there is a limited number of code uses available for each date. IF YOU HAVE DONE A TRACKDAY BEFORE with ANY OTHER PROVIDER or with us the First-Timer code SHOULD NOT BE USED. It is for someone that has NEVER done a trackday anywhere or at anytime.



24.FT.RSWEB. - Code for MSRH February 17, 2024

24.FT.RSWEB. - Code for MSRH February 18, 2024

24.FT.RSWEB. - Code for MSRH April 20, 2024

24.FT.RSWEB. - Code for MSRH April 21, 2024

24.FT.RSWEB. - Code for G2MP May 4, 2024

24.FT.RSWEB. - Code for G2MP May 5, 2024

24.FT.RSWEB. - Code for HMRC May 18, 2024

24.FT.RSWEB. - Code for HMRC May 18, 2024

24.FT.RSWEB. - Code for MSRH June 1, 2024

24.FT.RSWEB. - Code for MSRH June 2, 2024

24.FT.RSWEB. - Code for MSRC June 15, 2024

24.FT.RSWEB. - Code for MSRC June 16, 2024

24.FT.RSWEB. - Code for HMRC August 3, 2024

24.FT.RSWEB. - Code for HMRC August 4, 2024

24.FT.RSWEB. - Code for ECR August 31, 2024

24.FT.RSWEB. - Code for ECR September 1, 2024

24.FT.RSWEB. - Code for G2MP October 5, 2024

24.FT.RSWEB. - Code for G2MP October 6, 2024

24.FT.RSWEB. - Code for MSRH October 12, 2024

24.FT.RSWEB. - Code for MSRH October 13, 2024

PLEASE NOTE: If you receive an error that says "This coupon has already been used" then the maximum number of uses has been reached. The promotion is on a first-come, first-served basis and has a limited number available for each event.

If you have any questions or concerns about a specific promotion please contact us.

RideSmart also offers various promotions from time to time through Bulletin Boards (forums), Facebook, motorcycle shops, riding groups, mass email promotions, and other means. However, we cannot retroactively apply any discount or promotion to your account. We encourage you to ask on forums, at shops, at meet-up or riding groups if they have an active promotion for a RideSmart event. If you do pay full price and then discover a discount promotional coupon or code, we are sorry, but it cannot be applied retroactively; no refunds will be given for failure to use a promotional coupon code or using a coupon code incorrectly.

Please note that in some promotions, only one coupon code may be used per transaction.