RideSmart Texas Track Day Motorcycle School

Who is RideSmart?

RideSmart is a motorcycle rider's school and NOT A TRACKDAY organization. We provide instructional assistance for a wide variety of skill levels. From the street rider up to the most experienced licensed racer and everything in between, our focus is to bring the most comprehensive set of tools available. We aim to help increase riding proficiency and safety, whether on the street, or improving lap times at the track.

From our Novice entry group, through the RideSmart Advanced Riding Course, we strive to get you on the track and teach you the skills required to become a faster, more comfortable, and more confident rider.

RideSmart motorcycle school provides structured classroom outlines that are followed up by on track mentoring. Our instructors and associates are professionals to the highest degree. Their goal is to maintain a strict safety regiment in regards to you, the student.

We welcome everyone type of rider to come and explore your options on the track with the RideSmart team.

Ride in Control

RideSmart motorcycle school has been teaching riders how to ride in control beyond highway speeds in a totally unique way.

Although the Motorcycle Safety Foundation schools are absolutely the best first step for any rider, they are just that, an absolute first introduction to motorcycling. Our school is intended for those who already possess fundamentals of motorcycle riding, and have acquired approximately 5000 street riding miles. With this baseline already attained, we will be able to focus on teaching you skills, that will put you in control of your machine, on the streets, or at the race track. As you go through our developed curriculum, you will gain confidence, as well as proficiency and control of your machine. You will perfect your riding technique to allow making instant decisions at high speeds, so that you can be ready to act, should you be faced with any emergencies while riding your favorite roads.

If you are a track rider, our school will help you develop the skills necessary to compete at the licensed racer level.

Why do we choose to teach at the race track? Simply because this environment has been proven to be the safest place to acquire skills that will enable you to deal with any motorcycle riding emergency. You no longer have to worry about oncoming traffic, traffic tickets, guard rails, street posts, etc. You can focus purely on the skills we teach, and will be in position to practice until you master the topics at hand. Then, you can choose to progress to the next level, all at your own pace. Remember, all riding skills taught at the track, are fully transferrable to street riding. They will make you a safer, more educated and informed rider. After all, our hopes are that through education, we can affect the rate of senseless accidents, that could have been avoided if the involved riders had the skill and the knowledge to make safe, informed choices.