RideSmart Texas Track Day Motorcycle School

Experienced Group (formerly our Level 2A)

Must have successfully completed the Intermediate Group with us or with another recognized motorcycle school, trackday provider, or road race organization (you may be asked to provide verification).

Students will work one on one with an instructor to hone skills they have acquired through previous levels.

Students will customize advanced technique that will work specifically for themselves and their bikes.

In this level we also introduce inside passing and other refined passing techniques to students. Students will be able to complete a pass smoothly, swiftly, and safely.

Through lead and follow, on and off-track instruction, and video critiquing students will gain the skills and confidence to make them a safer, better rider on the street and/or the track.

If you have ridden with other trackday providers and generally sign up for levels similar to our Experienced or Advanced, we want you to sign up for the same level. You will be asked to provide verification that the level you are signing for is appropriate.

The seat time required in Intermediate compared to seat time in Experienced varies greatly from rider to rider. There is no set number of Intermediate track days you must complete to ride in Experienced. Ask your Intermediate instructor to evaluate you for recommendations on moving to Experienced. You must have the recommendation/promotion of an instructor in order to move to Experienced and obtain a promotion code (if you are an Experienced rider with another track day organization, that will generally suffice. List the organization in the box that asks who promoted you when registering. You may be asked for verification).

You must:
  • Be able to control your motorcycle at a decent track pace.
  • Be able to corner at speed.
  • Make good on-track decisions.
  • Be comfortable passing and being passed.
  • Adhere to all rules pertinent to the group.
  • Be evaluated by an instructor and have their recommendation and be given a promotion code.
  • Instructors are on track all day long at your service. Use them to answer questions, show you lines, critique riding styles and techniques, etc. Passing in this group may be limited as designated by your instructor. All passes must be completed in a SAFE manner. NOTE: All passing rules are subject to change at anytime during any event. The instructors will advise of the passing rules during the classroom sessions.

    It is recommended that riders in this group wear a back protector.

    RideSmart reserves the right to combine Intermediate and Experienced (or Advanced and Experienced if appropriate) if a minimum number of registrations for the groups are not met.