RideSmart Texas Track Day Motorcycle School

In 2012, we raised $ 2,238.61

In 2013, we raised $ 1,475.00

In 2014, we raised $ 3,275.00

In 2015, we raised $ 2,150.00

In 2017, we raised $ 2,400.00

On August 8, 2009, Zac Chapman crashed at Virginia International Raceway and suffered a head injury. A few short weeks later, on September 5, Jon Broom crashed at MSR-Cresson and also suffered a head injury. Both young men still have a long, tough road to recovery, but their progress so far has been nothing short of phenominal...but also expensive.

Zac's Facebook page

Both Zac (top row) and Jon (bottom row) are supporters of RideSmart and had attended many trackdays over the years. RideSmart wants to help with the enormous medical costs that Zac and Jon's families have incurred over the last few years and will continue to incur.

You can help too! Now through November 20, 2017, RideSmart is giving away a COTA trackday package for our November event (November 25/26, 2017). 1st prize is a single day COTA trackday (your choice of either Saturday or Sunday), a garage spot, and a $15 food voucher. 2nd prize is a half-off COTA trackday (you pay only $199, your choice of either Saturday or Sunday) and a garage spot. RideSmart is donating the trackdays, and 100% of the monies collected will be split evenly between Jon and Zac. We've installed a counter at the top of this page so you can see how much we've raised. Let's see how high we can go!!

Tickets are $25 each, five (5) for $100, or $300 for 15. You can purchase your tickets right here. Drawing will be held on November 20, 2017 at approximately 6:00 pm. If you're a lucky winner, we'll contact you and get you registered for the event for free. We'll notify you by phone and email (make sure they are correct in your profile). Remember, the more tickets you buy the more chances you have to win and the more help you give.

If you're a winner, you can keep your trackday and go yourself, or give it away, sell it, whatever you like.

Questions? Email ridesmart@ridesmart.info

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2012 Winner Number 1 - NOLA April 21/22: D. Warner (Verify)

2012 Winner Number 2 - Heartland Park June 16/17: C. Cabe (Verify)

2012 Winner Number 3 - Barber August 11/12: E. Stallings (Verify)

2012 Winner Number 4 - Two Texas Trackdays and $100 Credit: C. Cabe (Verify)

2013 Winner Number 1 - COTA June 2: S. Mehr (Verify)

2013 Winner Number 2 - MSRC 3.1 6/29: S. Mehr (Verify)

2013 Winner Number 3 - ECR 7/21: C. Fields (Verify)

2014 Winner Number 1 - COTA September 7: B. Schoonover (Verify)

2014 Winner Number 1 - Local Texas Trackday: T. Landrum (Verify)

2014 Winner Number 2 - Local Texas Trackday: G. Bennett (Verify)

2015 Winner Number 1 - COTA September 2015: D. Anderson (Verify)

2015 Winner Number 2 - ECR Double Day 2015: B. Klindworth (Verify)

2015 Winner Number 3 - MSR Houston Double Day 2015: D. Bowles (Verify)

2015 Winner Number 4 - MSR Cresson Double Day 2015: T. Hendricks (Verify)

2015 Winner Number 5 - TWS Double Day 2015: M. Vassil (Verify)

2017 Winner Number 1 - COTA Package 2017: E. Ortiz (Verify)

2017 Winner Number 2 - COTA Half Off Package 2017: B. Klindworth (Verify)

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