RideSmart Texas Track Day Motorcycle School

CMRA Race License Course

Interested in racing? Take your CMRA race license course with RideSmart!

The CMRA race licensing course is intended for those riders in the L3-Advanced group or those riders on a lightweight displacement bike in the L2-Intermediate group that are interested in going racing with the CMRA (Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association). Before taking the RideSmart CMRA race licensing course, it is highly encouraged that you are very comfortable with the L3-Advanced track day experience which includes all requirements set for riding in the L3-advanced group.

The CMRA race license course can be added to certain Level-3 Advanced and Level 2-Intermediate track days (depending on bike displacement). Just add the course as an option to your purchase on events where it is offered (we do require a minimum number of sign-ups to hold the class. If you have registered and the minimum is not met, we'll notify you via email).

    The process of obtaining your license is a multi-stage process.
  1. Sign up for Level 3 - Advanced group and add CMRA course to the purchase if you are on a heavyweight (>500cc) bike OR Sign up for Level 2 - Intermediate group and add CMRA course to the purchase if you are on a lightweight (<500cc) bike.
  2. Attend the event and pass the written test given during the event. Don't crash during any of the sessions.
  3. Successfully complete the mock race at the event without crashing.
  4. You will then receive a completion certificate for submission to the CMRA.
  5. Submit the certificate with appropriate fees to the CMRA.
  6. Follow CMRA's additional instructions to complete process (which will include corner-working 2 CMRA events, and successfully completing 2 Provisional Novice race weekends of a minimum of 2 races each without crashing).

CMRA Website

Good luck in your CMRA racing adventures!