RideSmart Texas Track Day Motorcycle School

RideSmart Advanced Rider Course

Having learned many of the advanced skills from previous level groups, now it is time for you to get to know some of the fine details of riding or racing on a closed course.

To take this course, a rider must possess advanced control of the motorcycle, be on par pace with the rider group you are registered for, as well as demonstrate adequate race lines and track etiquette.

The ARC is now offered at select events in Experienced or Advanced Groups.

The RideSmart Advanced Rider Course will help you get the extra edge for the race weekend, or will help you practice and fine tune your skills as an expert advanced rider. When every milisecond counts and the very subtle actions you take matter, you will be confident and up to task, no matter the situation.

All participants will have on track footage captured and reviewed, to help in class discussions and to illustrate learning concepts.

Please note there is a 6 student minimum for the ARC class. If the class does not make for an event, we'll be happy to credit your account for a future ARC or refund your ARC payment. We'll email you two days before the event if the class does not make.

The skills and techniques taught in the Advanced Riders Course are intended for the race track only and are not applicable for use on public roadways. ARC requires a minimum number of students in order to be held. If you sign up and we do not meet the minimum, we will contact you.