RideSmart Texas Track Day Motorcycle School

RideSmart Services

We provide lunch the day of the event at all venues except COTA. We also provide water & Gatorade for you to have throughout the day at all venues.

Gear Rental & Lap Timers:
RideSmart has a moderate inventory of leathers, boots and lap timers available to rent on a first come first serve basis exclusively for RideSmart events.

Vendor Services

Tire Service
South Central Race Center provides tire support, including Pirelli tires. They have a full range of tires from Slicks to DOT race tires. SCRC provides trackside support at all Texas RideSmart events. - http://scracecenter.com/

Suspension at all RideSmart events:
Roger Albert of OnRoad OffRoad Cycles offers shop and track-side support for motorcycle suspension and chassis to help the rider get the most out of his or her motorcycle and track experience. Offered in conjunction with Ridesmart at all of our events, the special Ridesmart pricing provides a basic suspension setup for only $40 dollars (cash only trackside, please) for most motorcycles. The basic setup customizes the bike to suit the individual rider's weight, experience, riding style, and preferences, as well as track specific tuning. Suspension is set to provide optimum handling, grip, comfort, and confidence via proper geometry and damping. All accessible external settings, including front and rear sag (both static and laden), ride-height, and front and rear damping (both compression and rebound, and where applicable, both low and high-speed). - http://www.ororcycle.com

Photography at all RideSmart events:
Hart Photography will be snapping pictures of the events all day long. After the event, you can visit the website and order various pictures/packages of your track day experience. - http://www.hart-photography.com