RideSmart Texas Track Day Motorcycle School

Our Staff

     Greg Abbott

     Keith B.

Keith started riding motorcycles at the age of 8, acquiring his first motorcycle by mowing his neighbors yard one summer.....all summer. The DS 80 was not pretty or fast or even pretty fast, but that did not matter as Keith rode the bike every available minute. Adding a few more yards, Keith purchased a 1981 CR80 Elsinore (Red rocket for those of you familiar with the Elsinore bikes and their red engines). From that point on, Keith owned a motorcycle at one capacity or another inclusive of dirt bikes, street bikes, two strokes and four strokes for the past 39 years. Motorcycles have become a family affair as his son currently races dirt bikes and his wife is an avid track day enthusiast.

Having a passion for motorcycles and the camaraderie that comes with it, becoming an instructor with RideSmart was a natural progression for him. “I truly enjoy helping students achieve their goals whether it be a specific skill set or a faster lap time”. A Houston native, he is a regular at MSRH and COTA.

     "KB" Balakrishna

     Oakley Barber

      Dave Bobbitt

      Mike Buswell

     Brian Coles

Brian started riding motorcycles in 2006 he dabbled with cruisers until watching a friend's CMRA race and promptly sold his cruiser and did his first trackday in 2010. He's currently getting his daughters started riding on a TTR-90 with aspirations of a family endurance team!

     Maclaine Coles

Maclaine has been riding motorcycles since 2009. She started riding on the street with her husband, Brian. Upon being offered a chance to watch a CMRA race at Hallett in Oklahoma, she quickly became enamored with the idea of taking it to the 'next level'. Maclaine has been riding as a student with RideSmart since 2010 and joined the noble instructor ranks in 2019. She occasionally rides her CBR 1000 on the street. But the majority of her motorcycle saddle time is spent on her Suzuki SV 650 at the track. Maclaine would love help anyone with an interest in getting to their 'next level'!

     Damian Falcon

Damian started riding on a Honda C70 in the Ozark mountains at age 11. He currently races sprints and endurance with the CMRA, where he strives to improve his competitive skills with the same relentless enthusiasm he uses to give students a solid platform for self-improvement. "I like to take a holistic approach to tracking motorcycles. I've found that fostering an awareness of how rider and machine work together has led to great gains in skill, confidence, and comfort both on and off the track."

     Jeff Frazier

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     Tony Gemmel

Tony was born in Scotland in 1952 and started getting involved in motor racing in 1965 when his father started racing. Tony went to racing school when he was seventeen and began racing Formula Ford when he was 19 years old and won the trophy for the most promising driver of the year in 1982. He raced for 26 years in the UK and passed the test to be a track instructor at Brands Hatch. Tony got involved in motorcycles in 1995 when he retired from motor racing, and has owned 31 sport bikes since then. He emigrated to Texas in 2000, and has been an instructor with Ridesmart since 2007.

     Mario Grangel

Mario started riding scooters at age 8 and with that began a lifelong love of two wheeled contraptions. Mario participates in all types of riding from off road exploration to long distance touring to track riding. He began teaching with RideSmart in 2013 on a Suzuki SV650 and now also teaches on a Honda CBR1000. Feel free to ask him any questions from fundamentals of riding all the way to technical doubts you may have. He enjoys discussing all aspects of riding and motorcycles.

     Patt Hagens

Patt started riding at age 15 on a Husky 250CR. He rode a Yamaha 350 enduro in college then a 1977 BMW R100RT. After a break of 20 years, he returned to touring with a string of BMW RT bikes. He started track riding on a Ducati ST4s in 2005 then in 2006 he bought a Triumph 675 and started his track career. He attended several professional riding schools in the next few years. Kevin Schwantz, Jason Pridmores Star school twice, Ty Howards school and Code Superbike school - 16 times!
He has a paint contracting business and enjoys bicycling, hunting, fishing, and his grandkids.

He's a member of the BOHICA team and currently rides a Honda CBR1000, Triumph 675, Ninja 250 and a BMW R1200RT. PawPaw in the house!

     Tommy Hendricks

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     Simon Ho

     Dave Johnson

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     Guy Jones

     Randy Joy

Randy started riding "real bikes" in 1968, his first bike was a Honda Z-50 (that's excluding the Sears minibike with a lawnmower engine). Randy has had a lot of bikes over the years, from a John Player Norton to one of the first Honda Interceptors in the early 1980s. Randy started going to the track in 1982 and has been on and off the track since. He laid off for a few years, and re-ignited his interest in the track and racing again in 2007. Randy has been teaching with RideSmart since 2008, and uses a CBR600RR, CBR954RR, and a Ninja EX250. He currently is a CMRA expert and raced on the Ninja 250 on a Lightweight Endurance team and is having a blast.

     Brian Kelly

Brian was raised up north in the Chicago area where he focused his need for speed on the slopes as a competitive downhill ski racer in the US Ski Team Development system. Following that dream took him to Utah for college and 12 years as a Racer, Instructor and Coach. Brian is a relative new-comer to motorcycles having started riding 5 years ago after moving to TX. Looking for the same thrill from ski racing he quickly found his way to the track with RideSmart and has been fast road riding and track riding since.

     Terence Ladner

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     Mike Legato

Born in New Jersey in 1961 Mike started on a homemade mini bike at 9yrs old before moving up to a Yamaha 60cc. Mike had several other second hand dirt bikes up through high school then a '70s Honda 454 street bike to get around at college in the early 80's. Mike took a 24 year hiatus from motorcycles until starting back on street riding in 2007 on a 2001 Triumph Sprint 955. After a couple of trips to roads in Arkansas Mike was introduced to track days by Ray Harrelson who also was an instructor here at RideSmart. With the intention of sharpening his street skills, track days soon changed to become an addiction and it wasn't long after a few classes at Ridesmart taught by the long time instructor Guy Jones that Mike was attending as many track days as could be afforded. A 2007 CBR600 was purchased and is still the track/race bike Mike rides today. With the track addiction in full swing Mike got his CMRA License in 2013 and rode on the Mini Endurance team with Chaos Racing. Mike has attended Ty Howards School as well as Keith Code's California Superbike School which he attends once a year. Mike works full time as an IT Development Manager when not on the track.

     Quan Luu

Quan has been enjoying motorcycles for nearly 25 years and has been instructing with RideSmart since 2012. Starting out on the street he rode the occasional trackday, which became a couple times a year, which eventually grew to a couple times a month and his love for the track grew from there. About 10 years ago Quan started exclusively riding track and began racing with the CMRA soon after. Quan introduced his son Caleb (now on active duty with the USAF) to the track at the young age of 10. Quan and his son Caleb raced with the CMRA for a few years until Caleb went off into the armed forces to serve his country. When Caleb has off duty you'll see him at the occasional RideSmart trackday enjoying riding his motorcycle with his daddy. Quan is married to his wife Denise and has a daughter Jeslyn and youngest son Caden. Quan is very approachable so make sure you stop by and say hi!

     Steve Nedd

     Edward Phillips

Edward has been riding motorcycles since 1977 when he got his first dirt bike. Edward moved to sport bikes in the late 80’s and raced for two and a half seasons in the early 90’s consistently placing in the top 10 and enjoying one win. Edward is also a former competitive gymnast and competitive gymnastics coach and has always enjoyed helping athletes improve their technique. Edward got back on the track with RideSmart in 2015 riding a KTM RC 390 and became an instructor in 2018. You will see Edward on the track on either his RC390 or his R6.

     James Presley

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     Bob Pondrom

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     Doug Ross

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     Dean Sims

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     Cody Stewart

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     Clint Summers

Clint was on his first dirt bike at the ripe old age of 8, and graduated up to sport bikes about 10 years later with a Yamaha R6. He started going to the track in 2008 on a Yamaha R1, and has been there ever since. Clint started teaching with Ridesmart in 2011 and now teaches on a Kawasaki ZX10. Clint also raced CMRA on a 250 Ninja.

     Dave Sullivan

     Marty Turner