RideSmart Texas Track Day Motorcycle School

Level 3: Advanced

Our Level 3-Advanced group is intended for the club racer, very accomplished track rider and students taking the Advanced Rider's Course. The seat time required in L2-Intermediate to ride in L3-Advanced varies greatly from rider to rider. There is no set number of L2-Intermediate track days you must complete to ride in L3-Advanced. However, you must request evaluation by the lead instructor in L2-intermediate prior to moving to/registering for L3-Advanced or participate in the Advanced Riders Course for instruction and evaluation (if you are an Advanced rider with another track day organization, that will suffice. List the organization in any boxes that may ask who promoted you when registering).

The following criteria must be met to ride in the L3-Advanced Group:

  1. Comfortable with close-proximity passes which includes inside passing in corners; and
  2. Comfortable with high rates of speed and hard braking; and
  3. Maintain proper body position, braking control, throttle control, holding the RACE line, staying predictable and other riding techniques presented in L1 and L2 classes; and
  4. Adhere to all rules pertinent to the group; and
  5. Maintain a consistent lap time that is at or faster than the times set forth below:

    • MSRH - 1:55 Minutes
    • MSRC 1.7 - 1:35 Minutes
    • COTA - 2:45 Minutes

Due to closing speed differentials, lightweight class bikes are not allowed in L3-Advanced group at COTA on the GP (3.4mile) track, but are allowed at MSR, MSRH, and the COTA National (2.3 mile) track as long as the minimum lap times are met. The rider will be required to wear a special jersey to alert bigger bikes of their potential slower speeds on straights and be a licensed CMRA or other race orginization racer.

Failure to meet these requirements may result in being bumped out of the L3-Advanced group. Riders not keeping the pace and/or riding erratic lines will be policed out and returned to the L2-Intermediate Group pending space availability. If no space in is available in Level 2, you will be asked to wait until a spot becomes available. If a spot does not become available you will not be permitted to ride and no refunds will be given.

Riders in this group SHOULD wear a back protector.