RideSmart Texas Track Day Motorcycle School

Level 2: Intermediate

The seat time required in L1-Novice to ride in L2-Intermediate varies greatly from rider to rider. There is no set number of L1 track days you must complete to ride in L2-Intermediate, though rarely will one Level 1 date be sufficient. Ask your L1 instructor to evaluate you for recommendations on moving to L2-Intermediate. You must have the recommendation of an instructor in order to move to Level 2 (if you are an intermediate rider with another track day organization, that will suffice. List the organization in the box that asks who promoted you when registering).

    You MUST:
  • Maintain an adequate pace for Level 2.
  • Have correct body position.
  • Be very comfortable riding at high speeds.
  • Be very comfortable being passed and also passing in a safe manner at all times.
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the line-building technique and maintain correct, predictable lines.
  • Adhere to all rules pertinent to the group.
  • Make good on track decisions.
  • Be evaluated by an instructor and have their recommendation.

We have a mandatory classroom session for the intermediate group as well. These classroom sessions are to ensure the safety of all riders, and to improve the riding skills of all riders. Our classroom sessions will focus on Body Positioning and Braking & Shifting as well as other intermediate/advanced track riding techniques. Riders in this group will probably want to focus heavily on body position, setting up for turns, the racing line, and advanced throttle/braking control.

The track tempo is intermediate to fast. Instructors are on track all day long at your service. Use them to answer questions, show you lines, critique riding styles and techniques, etc. Passing in this group is limited to the straights only in the morning sessions and outside the turns after lunch. NOTE: All passing rules are subject to change at anytime during any event. The instructors will advise of the passing rules during the classroom sessions.

It is recommended that riders in this group wear a back protector.