RideSmart Texas Track Day Motorcycle School

What kind of Motorcycle is allowed?

Any 240cc+ (4-cycle) or 125cc+ (2-cycle) road-going motorcycle is allowed.
This includes sport bikes, sport-touring bikes, motards, scooters, and cruisers.
All motorcycles must pass technical inspection prior to being allowed on the track during an event.
Follow our site’s guidelines for motorcycle preparation to ensure compliance.

Sub 240cc 4 stroke motorcycles, such as Groms, Z125s, and other similar bikes are allowed at Motorsport Ranch Cresson 1.3, 1.7, Motor Speedway Resort, and COTA in Level 1. Email us for permission for Level 2 at MSR or MSRH.


How old do you have to be to participate?

If you are under 18 years of age, you will need a parent or guardian to fill out and sign all required forms during check in, the day of the event.


Do I need a motorcycle license?

Although highly recommended, a motorcycle license is not a requirement.


In fact, many track riders do not ride a motorcycle on the street at all.  However, since it is required that you have a minimum of 6 months and recommended 5000 miles minimum seat time prior to registering for L1-Novice, you should already have an 'M' endorsement on your license.



How much does it cost?

The cost of track days with RideSmart varies depending on date and venue, but is $100 to $150 for a typical Texas track event.
Please refer to our prices, located in the Season Schedule section - CLICK HERE.

Is classroom and on-track instruction included?

Classroom and On-track instruction is included at no additional cost for L1-Novice and L2-Intermediate students.
The Advanced Rider's Course (ARC, a specialized L3-Advanced class option), may be added for $50.
CMRA Race Licensing Course (another L3-Advanced group option) is available for an additional $100.

For more information, please refer to:


When do I go to class during the track day?

Unless otherwise instructed, you report to class immediately after the rider’s meeting and immediately after completion of each on-track session.
For details on the flow of each track day, refer to our 'Daily Schedule' part of the General Information section.


How long can I expect to be on the track?

Typically, you will get about five to six sessions throughout the day.  The exact number and length of sessions will depend on many logistical issues such as crashes that require clean up, debris clean up from the track, transition time between levels, etc.


When does the track day start and end?

All track riding activities end at 5PM.

Certain CMRA Race License School activities may require additional time.  These activities are limited only to those who participate in the CMRA Race License Course.


What tracks do you use?

Our events are hosted at the following Texas tracks:

Texas World Speedway (TWS) - College Station, TX
MotorSport Ranch Houston (MSRH) - Angleton, TX
Eagles Canyon Raceway (ECR) - Slidell, TX
MotorSport Ranch Cresson (MSRC) - Cresson, TX
-  Circuit of the Americas (COTA) - Austin, TX

For further details, refer to our Tracks section of the web site.

How many groups (or levels) are there at a track day?

RideSmart operates with three groups at all track events:

Two other specialty courses are also available (at additional cost).  These options are available only for the L3-Advanced group.  They are:

Please refer to the School Structure section of the website for more information.

At COTA, due to the demand for Level 2, it is split into 2A and 2B.


How many riders are there per group?

We run our events to a target range of 17-20 riders per mile of the track. Track configuration, pavement width, availability of straights, number of turns, number of control riders, information from instructors, and other pertinent track information is all taken into consideration when making decisions about rider group caps.

Our target range is comparable with just about all track organizations throughout the country.

What group do I register for?

RideSmart group levels are designed to allow riders of similar skill, to be on the track at the same time.
If you have never done a track day, you are required to register for L1-Novice group.
Follow our riding group guidelines for registration, to get registered into a group matching your riding skills.

If you intend to register for a group, and notice that there are no more spots left for that group (it is sold out), DO NOT CHOOSE OTHER GROUP TO REGISTER INTO.

You must wait for another event, which has open spots in the desired level.  Anyone who is identified as not showing sufficient skills or pace to ride in the level they are registered, will be bumped down pending space availability.  If there is no room to be bumped, you will not be allowed to ride. Period.  No refunds will be issued.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you faily assess your skills, and select an appropriate level for a track day.



Please refer to our SCHOOL STRUCTURE section for details on rider skill requirements.




What are the rules for each rider group?


  • No passing all day on inside while in turns
  • Passing on outside while in turns allowed only after lead instructor announcement
  • Passing while on straights allowed without any restriction


  • No passing all day on inside while in turns
  • Passing on outside while in turns allowed only after lead instructor announcement
  • Passing while on straights allowed without any restriction


  • No restrictions on SAFE passing


All riders are required to make sound judgment while on the track.  Please be considerate to other riders, and do not put them in situations where their safety is jeopardized.

All passing rules are subject to change at the event itself.  Changes will be announced in class and in riders' meeting.


How do I find out what dates and events are scheduled?

For details on all RideSmart dates and events, refer to our SEASON SCHEDULE.


How do I register for an event?

Detailed registration process is explained HERE.

What are coupon codes?

Coupon codes are pre-arranged alphanumeric sequences, which allow one to take advantage of RideSmart promotions, discounts, redeem of a track day due to work performed as a RideSmart corner worker, etc.  In general, they allow one to get a better price for a track event with RideSmart.

How do I redeem a coupon code?

After selection of event to participate in (including level desired), or after choosing a product for sale, you must paste the coupon code into the 'coupon code' text box.  During check out, a recalculation will be made to discount the contents of the cart with an appropriate amount (based on restrictions of the code).

All coupon codes MUST be redeemed ONLINE.  It is the only method to redeem the coupon.
ONLY successful online registration will guarantee one a spot on the roster for a track event.

What rider gear is required to attend an event?

Please refer to the Gear Requirements (within the Event Requirements section of the web site).


Do you rent gear?

RideSmart does rent an assortment of leather suits.  We have multiples of each sizes, however they are available on first come first serve basis.

Leathers rental is available at an additional cost, and is chosen during the event selection process. If this is your first time with us and you are in Level 1, leathers are free of charge if needed.


Do you rent motorcycles?

RideSmart does not rent motorcycles for any track day event.


What preparations need to be done to the motorcycle?

Please refer to the Event Requirements - Motorcycle Prep section of our web site.



Is camping allowed?

Gate times are for the night preceeding event date.  Camping is allowed only at the following venues:

  • ECR – Gates Open at 6PM, close at 10PM
  • MSRC – Gates Open at 6PM, close at 10PM
  • TWS – Gates Open at 6PM, close at 10PM
  • MSRH - Gates Open at 6PM, close at 10PM.
There are no exceptions to gate open/closure times.  If you know you will not make the time, please plan accordingly and arrange for alternative ovenight stay.  Strict gate times will be observed to accomodate requests from track management. 

All camping rules must be followed by every person entering the premises.


How much does it cost to camp?

Overnight camping fees apply as follows (paid to track representatives at the gates):

  • ECRNo charge
  • MSRCNo charge
  • MSRH - $15

On 2 day events, overnight camping fees are paid only for the initial day.


Are there RV hook-ups in camping areas at the track?

RV Hookups are not available at any of the tracks in the paddock area. At COTA. hookups are available outside of the paddock area.

Is electricity provided?

Electricity availability varies from venue to venue, and is available as follows:

  • ECR – Electrical outlets available only in rental paddock space only
  • MSRC – Limited electricity – under covered paddock only (4-6 outlets max)
  • TWS – Electricity available in covered paddock space (4 outlets per bench)


Is shade or shelter provided?

Shade/shelter is provided by various track venues.


  • ECR – Available for $75/weekend per 2 bikes basis – paid to track owners.  Contact www.eaglescanyon.com for rental availability.
  • MSRC – Free of charge in lower paddock, limited to 25 bikes
  • TWS – Free of charge – full covered paddock area for most customers.
  • MSRH - Available for the weekend, covered Paddock or Garage. Reserve spots here: Reservations

All free shelter areas are on first come first serve basis only.



What other amenities are provided at the track?

Amenities availability depends on venue.


  • ECR:
    • Showers
    • Bathrooms
    • Hot/cold water
    • classrooms
    • Gated facility
    • fuel


  • MSRC:
    • Showers
    • Bathrooms
    • Hot/cold water
    • Classrooms
    • Gated facility
    • Fuel
  • MSRH:
    • Showers
    • Bathrooms
    • Hot/cold water
    • Classrooms
    • Gated facility
    • Fuel
  • TWS:
    • Showers
    • Bathrooms (Portable)
    • Hot/cold water
    • Classrooms
    • Gated facility



Are drinks and food provided?

During COVID Restrictions, no food or drink is provided.

Normally, Food and drink are available, and are free depending on venue:


Lunch – during the event, PROVIDED – Free of Charge


Lunch – during the event, PROVIDED – Free of Charge


Lunch – during  the event, NOT PROVIDED.  Track Concession Kitchen – Prices vary.

Participants may opt to bring their own provisions.


What time do I need to be there the day of the event?

All event participants must be at the track before the specified time, and must complete/attend the following activities, to be able to participate in all track activities:

  • Successfully complete check-in (filling out/signing of all appropriate forms)
  • Successfully pass motorcycle/gear tech inspection
  • Attend the entire Riders' Meeting

Failure to observe these times may result in not being able to ride during the event. 

Payment refunds will not be provided in such cases.
Detailed daily schedule (for each track venue) may be accessed by CLICKING HERE


What happens if I show up late to the track?

Those who arrive late for the Riders’ Meeting (meeting is already under way), will be required to check in after 9:40AM-10:00AM (late Check In).
Those who arrive after 10:00AM during a track event, are subject to have their roster spot forfeited to standby riders. 

Refunds, partial refunds or credits, will NOT be provided. 

Late arrivals do not constitute a valid basis for reschedule or refund of the track fees.

Late riders must go through late check in, followed by tech inspection of their bikes.  Time for these will be dependent on staff availability.
After late check in/tech inspections, late riders must attend a make-up Riders’ Meeting.  Time for this activity will depend upon staff availability.

Only after check in, inspection and Riders’ Meeting, will late riders be allowed to join the rest of the riders in their roster.

Reduced riding time due to late arrival will not be a good basis to receive any type of compensation (credit, partial fee refund, etc).






What happens if it rains?

RideSmart adheres to a ‘Ride Rain or Shine’ policy.

It is in line with all the other track organizations in the country. 
If it rains, it is still the rider’s responsibility to arrive at the event, unless event cancellation email has been issued.

Should a call be made to cancel an event during the Riders’ Meeting, we will designate a make-up date. If you cannot attend the make-up date, we will make your spot available and once sold will issue you a credit.


What if I cannot make it to the track for reasons other than weather?

Always communicate your inability to arrive to RideSmart Staff via Telephone and email (email alone is not enough, especially if sent the night before, or the day of event).

RideSmart, at its discretion, will decide whether or not to provide any reimbursement for such cases.  Such reimbursements may be in the form of a rescheduled event, partial refund, or no refund at all (all decided on case by case basis - RideSmart reserves the right to make any decisions it deems appropriate for situation at hand).



What is the first thing I need to do when I get to an event?

Upon getting to the track, select a spot to stage all your equipment (first come - first serve basis), unload your bike and gear, and then head into the check in room (usually Level 1 classroom). 

This is where you report to RideSmart, read and sign all required forms, and obtain all needed stickers to prepare your motorcycle for a technical inspection.


What do I do after checking-in at the event?

After checking in, you must affix the required stickers on the front of the motorcycle, and then proceed along with your helmet to technical inspection area, where the condition of the motorcycle and the helmet will be assessed. 

Gear/motorcycles that do not meet minimum safety requirements will be prohibited from entering the track until all issues are resolved and gear/motorcycle is re-inspected.

You will be expected to be geared up before the Riders' Meeting, so plan your arrival accordingly.


What is the Riders' Meeting?

Riders' Meeting is a mandatory meeting (ALL EVENT PARTICIPANTS MUST ATTEND IN FULL).

It is where RideSmart staff talk about track conditions (specific to that event), discuss safety rules and address any other event specific issues.

No exceptions will be made to any rider.  Attendance of this meeting (for the entire duration) by all riders is mandatory.

People who arrive late will be required to go through the late check-in process, which will start 40 minutes after track riding begins.  Those late will miss at least 1-2 hours of riding (mey event be more, depending on availability of staff to conduct the late check-in process). 

It is imperative everyone arrives at a time that enables them to get all the necessary tasks done, and attend the riders' meeting in full.



What happens if I crash during the event?

A crash is defined as an incident where a motorcycle falls and the handlebars touch the ground (on the track or off the track).

Once a rider crashes, the Track Marshal will assess and coordinate safe provision of EMT help, and a safe extraction of the crashed motorcycle from the crash location.  Track clean up crew will do the necessary work to ensure track surface is ready for other riders to continue.

Rider who crashes will not be allowed to continue the event. 

Fee refunds will not be provided in any way.

NOTE:  RideSmart reserves the right to assess crash circumstances, and the right to override any crash policy, in light of events and actions leading up to the crash.  Riders that were observed to take irresponsible/unsafe actions, will not be allowed to continue.  Others, depending on circumstances, may be allowed to continue, however such decisions will be made on case by case basis. 

All RideSmart decisions are final, and not subject to any appeals.


What services are provided at an event?

RideSmart provides a variety of services during all events. 

These are:

  • Water/Gatorade for all event participants
  • Food (Dinner/Lunch) at participating venues
  • Full Tire Service for all event participants (Tire/services - additional fees apply)
  • Motorcycle Suspension tuning


Is alcohol allowed on site?

Alcohol beverages consumption is only allowed in moderation, and not at all during the actual event itself.
Participants found to abuse alcohol consumption during camping hours, or during the event, will be asked to leave the venue premises. 

Fee refunds will not be provided.


When can I cancel my registration and get a refund?

You will have until 14 days before the event, to obtain a full refund for the registration, for any reason (except Circuit of The Americas. No refunds or credits for COTA).  Request for refund must be submitted via email to ridesmart@ridesmart.info. Details of transaction (Date, Payer Name, Order #, Event Date) must be provided in the email.  Refunds will be issued directly to credit card source which was used to register for the event.

Once the event is less than 14 days away, refunds will not be provided.

You have until 10 days out to request a reschedule. Once the event is less than 10 days out, no reschedules or credits are available.

Can I reschedule my event date?

If the event is more than 10 days away, a registered rider may opt to reschedule it for another date. Requests for reschedule must be submitted via email to ridesmart@ridesmart.info. Details of transaction (Date, Payer Name, Order #, Event Date) must be provided in the email.  Pending spot availability, reschedule will be granted to the rider, and a confirmation email will be sent.

Events less than 10 days away are not subject to reschedules.  Rider is responsible for ensuring to attend the event, in accordance to our weather riding policy.



What is corner working?

Corner working is the ability to work for RideSmart, in the capacity of a corner work person, helping the Track Marshal to police and monitor the track during an event.  Please refer to CORNER WORK INFORMATION for all details.


What payment do I receive for corner working?

Those who successfully complete a full day of corner working, will receive a code, which will allow them to register online for a RideSmart hosted event at no charge. 

All registration must be done online, and provided codes must be used to be able to have the track day fees waived. 
CW credits are applicable towards a regular priced L1-Novice, L2-Intermediate, or L3-Advanced class only.
Please refer to CORNER WORK INFORMATION for all details.


What are Parade Laps?

Parade laps is a privilege RideSmart allows to non participating spectators of events.
Those who are not attending the event, and are eager to find out whether track riding is for them, will have a chance to ride 1 or 2 laps around the track, in a coordinated manner.
For details on Parade laps, refer to the PARADE LAPS section of our web site.


How do I get a CMRA Race License?

CMRA licensing is a process that allows a rider to obtain the necessary credentials, in order to be able to participate in CMRA sponsored race events.
For details on the process, and on how to go about getting  the license, refer to the SCHOOL STRUCTURE - CMRA Race License Course section of our web sitepart of our web site.


How is CMRA course different from the Advanced Rider Course (ARC)?

The Advanced Rider Course (ARC) and the CMRA Race Licensing Course are two different options provided by RideSmart.  The CMRA course includes partial content of the ARC class, however these two are different class options provided to our customers.




Are pets allowed at the track?

Details regarding pets at various tracks:

MSRC - Leashed

MSRH - Leashed

COTA - Not allowed

For further details, please contact the specific venue owners.

How do I use my RideSmart Account Credit

Under some circumstances, RideSmart customers may obtain RideSmart Account Credit.  It is a credit, which works just like money, and can be used towards any event with the school.

During registration, any available RideSmart Account Credit will be automatically deducted from the total, before charges are placed on the credit card.

For example, if your total comes to $120, and you have $100 of RS Account Credit, once you fill in your credit card information, review the order and click on the Submit button, the $100 credit will be automatically applied towards the bill.  Your total charged to your credit card would be $20.


I've been riding for years on the street, can I sign up for Level 2?

No. The track and the street and very different, and years of experience on the street does not equate to years on the track. All riders without track experience, no matter how long they have been riding on the street, must start in Level 1/Novice.

For COTA, what's the difference between 2A and 2B?

Level 2A is considered "Advanced", those riders who have ridden several times in Level 2 at regular events and are on the faster side of the Level 2 riders. Riders considering going into Level 3 would be best suited in L2A. L2B (Basic) is for riders that have only been in Level 2 a short time and are mid-pack or slower. Also, the ARC is offered in Level 2A.